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10 fun things to do in Fort Bragg

Fort Bragg, formally the City of Fort Bragg, is a city in Mendocino County, California, centered on the Pacific Coast. In fact, there are several things to do in Fort Bragg. It is a popular tourist attraction due to the beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean. Glass Beach and the California Western Railroad are two of the city’s most renowned attractions. Fort Bragg offers a variety of activities for visitors.

A California Historical Landmark, Fort Bragg, was established in 1857 as a military garrison rather than a fortress prior to the American Civil War. It was named after army general Braxton Bragg, who had participated in the Mexican–American War for the United States at the time. Since before Western expansion, the region currently known as Fort Bragg has been occupied by Native Americans, the majority of whom hail to the Pomo tribe.

Amongst several things, here are few best things to do in Fort Bragg.

Things to do in Fort Bragg

1. The Skunk Train

Skunk Train
Skunk Train

Location- 100 W Laurel St, Fort Bragg, CA 95437

The vintage Skunk train operates between Willits and Fort Bragg on a regular basis. This is one of history’s classic diesel engines, and it takes you on a train trip through one of the world’s most environmentally friendly regions. This is one of the finest things to do in Fort Bragg since it gives you the feeling of riding the Hogwarts Express from Harry Potter.

Things to see- The Skunk train takes you through ancient tunnels, the Pacific Ocean, foothills, natural attractions, and many more beautiful landscapes on its way to Fort Bragg.

Did you know- It got its moniker in 1925 when solitary, self-propelled automobiles were introduced and their engines created a foul odor.

2. International Sea Glass Museum

 International Sea Glass Museum
International Sea Glass Museum

Location- 17801 CA-1, Fort Bragg, California, 95437

The Sea Glass Museum is the next destination that will take your breath away. Cass Forrington, a former deep-sea captain, created this museum in 2009. Half of the story is told by the reality that Fort Bragg contains the world’s largest proportion of extant sea glass. Watching their spectacular displays on the museum is on the wishlist of top things to do in Fort Bragg. The exhibits are grouped by color and explain the many applications and causes for painting,

Things to see- The three-room museum displays a vast collection of Forrington’s finds, including uncommon and unusual items. Exhibits also feature recovered objects such as terracottas, bottle stoppers, and marbles.

Did you know- With more than 3000 objects on exhibit for visitors, the Sea Glass Museum is by far the greatest collection of sea glass in the world.

3. Guest House Museum

 Guest House Museum
Guest House Museum

Location- 343 N Main St, Fort Bragg, CA 95437

To check the historic artifacts, another destination in the list of things to do in Fort Bragg includes the Guest House Museum. It is a famous neighborhood home built in 1892 by Tom Johnson, a business partner of the Fort Bragg Redwood Company. It continued in the company’s hands through many corporate transactions till the Georgia-Pacific Company gave it to the City of Fort Bragg in 1985.

Things to see- It is a real museum that houses a diverse collection of vintage railroad and civic heritage objects for the visitors to witness.

Did you know- Before its erection, the house was utilized as top official offices and a VIP visitor facility for the corporation, and it was largely constructed from locally obtained coastal redwood.

4. Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens

Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens
Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens

Location- 18220 North Highway 1, Fort Bragg, CA 95437

The Mendocino Coast Botanical Garden, located on National Highway 1, is a one-stop-shop for all locations, the greatest tourist hotspot for visitors of all ages, and a prime beauty spot in Fort Bragg. The availability of blue water to perform half of the job is the most simple and yet stunning aspect of this location, which is situated right opposite the Pacific. This place is literally on the list of top things to do in Fort Bragg because of the beautiful view it offers.

Things to see– Every flower you can imagine is blossoming here, be it, rhododendrons, magnolias, heathers, dahlias, conifers, petunias, and a lot more. The coastline beach is lined with several flowers beds, so you can stroll among them while the ocean breezes softly.

Did you know- Betty and Ernest Schoefer created the gardens in 1961, and they kept private land till 1982 when the Mendocino Coast Recreation and Park District received 12 acres.

5. Fort Bragg Coastal Trail

Fort Bragg Coastal Trail
Fort Bragg Coastal Trail

Location- 416 N. Franklin St, Fort Bragg, CA 95437

The Fort Bragg Coastal Train is one of the most often explored places by local and foreign tourists. Because of the cliffs’ rough character, you have many things to do in Fort Bragg Coastal Trail. The trail’s first section, first officially opened in January 2015, winds through 82 acres of the town’s old Georgia-Pacific Mill site and adjacent industrial areas

Things to see- Trekking is a popular activity among visitors to these paths. There are several choices, such as riding a bike, going for a stroll along the beautiful beach below.

Did you know- Coastal Route is a 4.5-mile paved trail that was built as part of the Fort Bragg Coastal Trail and Recovery Project by the City of Fort Bragg.

6. MacKerricher State Park

MacKerricher State Park
MacKerricher State Park

Location- 24100 Mackerricher Park Rd, Fort Bragg, CA 95437

The MacKerricher State Park, which is situated alongside the road titled after it, is one of Fort Bragg’s most popular natural areas. This natural park has a lot to offer in terms of things to do in Fort Bragg and see. Following the transfer of rancher properties to the state of California in 1949, the park was formed. Inglenook Fen Ten Mile Dunes Preserve safeguards a vulnerable dune habitat on the park’s northern edge, while Glass Beach is located on the park’s southern edge.

Things to see- Several whales, as well as dears, and other natural animals, may be seen on a daily basis. You may even see and discover about a variety of plant species while climbing among the cliffs or strolling along the route, horseback riding, or even bicycling.

Did you know- It stretches over nine miles along the coast and includes ecosystems such as marsh, woodland, headland, dune, and beach.

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7. Otis R. Johnson Wilderness Park

Otis R. Johnson Wilderness Park
Otis R. Johnson Wilderness Park

Location- Otis R Johnson Park, Fort Bragg, CA 95437

The Otis R. Johnson Wilderness Park is a seven-acre park close to Fort Bragg Middle School with adventure sports and natural habitats. California River Parkways and the Salmon Restoration Association are currently supporting a major aquatic re-vegetation and recovery effort at the park. Getting close to nature is amongst the most favorite things to do in Fort Bragg.

Things to see- Walkabout the environment with its rough ambiance, small brooks, and streams running by the sides, enormous and old antique trees, long and lovely pathways.

Did you know- Following a windstorm in 2011, a repaired wood footbridge crosses a creek bridge.

8. Liquid Fusion Kayaking

 Liquid Fusion Kayaking
Liquid Fusion Kayaking

Location- 32399 Basin St, Fort Bragg, CA 95437

Liquid Fusion Kayaking is a kayaking travel agency run by business partners Jeff Laxier and Cate Hawthorne that provides engaging, informative excursions to persons of different ages. The gentle Noyo Meander trip, the peaceful Sunset Bird Paddle, and the more strenuous three-hour Whitewater of the Sea adventure are all available for tourists.

Things to see- One of the most sporty things to do in Fort Bragg is to get into the water and do kayaking. Professionals choose rougher water routes, while novices prefer quiet waterways with fast paddling and seaside bird viewing excursions.

Did you know- Kayaking courses for inexperienced paddlers are also provided, including kid’s sessions for K-12 pupils.

9. Pacific Star Winery

 Pacific Star Winery
Pacific Star Winery

Location- 33000 CA-1, Fort Bragg, CA 95437

Pacific Star Winery is California’s only oceanfront vineyard, positioned roughly 12 miles north of Fort Bragg on Coast Highway 1. For over 30 years, the Winery has been supplying loyal customers. Almost everything is available, from traditional mixes to uncommon ones. The grapes are frequently obtained from Mendocino County’s historic vineyards. After a tiring day, the visit here is amongst the most relaxing things to do in Fort Bragg.

Things to see- Aside from delicious beverages, the location is a great picnic site for families with a view of the bay, where you can frequently see whales going by. Also, Bird viewing is a popular pastime in the winemaking area.

Did you know- The winery was founded in 1988 and was built from the ground up on an open beachfront area along the northern Mendocino coast.

10. Glass Beach

Glass Beach

Location- Mendocino County, Fort Bragg, CA 95437

Glass Beach is one of the city’s most distinctive tourist attractions. People from all over the globe used to come here and litter the shoreline with various colored glass bottles. With time, these bottles organically degraded and mingled with the land’s stones, resulting in Glass Beach’s current coastline, which is made up of glass-like pebbles in a variety of hues. Add this place to your list of things to do in Fort Bragg.

Things to see- Walk along this beach, your feet resting on lovely colored stones.

Did you know- This beach, as its name suggests, is formed of deteriorated glass, which has a terrible history but is now one of the world’s most beautiful sights.


The famous Skunk train, the picturesque Mendocino coast botanical garden, perhaps one of the most scenic beauty parks, lakes, and wildlife ranches and streams can all be found in this city, which is a wonderful blend of coastal beautiful landscapes and American life. Moreover, you get many things to do in Fort Bragg. Due to its spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and its location as a fully coastal community, Fort Bragg is a much-desired tourist destination.

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