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10 Fun Things to do in South Haven

South Haven is a port city in Michigan, the state of the US. The majority of the city is in Van Buren County, albeit a little part reaches out into Allegan County. In the mid-1900s South Haven turned into a retreat town. South Haven is a significant local traveler draw in view of its sporting harbor and seashores. Not just for bicyclists, there are many other things to do in South Haven for other people too.

Home to delightful seashore locales, grant-winning wineries, and pleasant environmental elements, South Haven can be added to must-go places that won’t disillusion.

So in case, you’re intending to wander into the place that is known for excellent nightfalls, record these thoughts of the best things to do in South Haven, MI.

Things to do in South Haven

1. Michigan Maritime Museum

Michigan Maritime Museum

Situated in South Haven in the U.S. province of Michigan, the Michigan Maritime Museum is a historical center and exploration library. The historical center is nearby Lake Michigan, and the gallery works in the oceanic history of the territory of Michigan and the pool of a similar name. Having five buildings, there are several activities happening in the museum to engage its tourists.

Must do- Go for various intellectual displays in the center and get an on-water insight while investigating the immense waters of South Haven for an instructive and beneficial visit. Amongst several exciting things to do in South Haven, the exhibits of the Michigan Maritime Museum are some of the best.

Did you know- The Michigan Historical Museum in Lansing was the principal office made by the state gallery framework. Shows and antiques range from a locale’s local populaces through the state’s advancement.

2. North Beach

North Beach

One of South Haven’s seven public seashores, and one of the two most well-known seashores, the other being South seashore, has many visitors. Settled on the north side of South Haven, North Beach lies north of the banks of the Black River.

Must do- Whether you are a beach lover or not, this place would definitely make you want. When you are there, involve yourself in various sports such as fishing, swimming, kiteboarding, and several more. Offering so many activities, now you know what things to do in South haven beach.

Did You know- North beach has other areas for fun activities as well like a volleyball court, restrooms, playground, and concession stand.

3. South Haven Lighthouse

South Haven Lighthouse

South Haven Lighthouse, otherwise called the South Haven South Pierhead Light, works even today. A beautiful place, worth all praises, is situated at the end of the Black River. One of the reasons to go there is that this picturesque lighthouse provides an amazing view during the sunset. Also, Lake Michigan in front is admirable and thus makes for a good day trip.

Must do- As you visit the lighthouse, make sure that you go to the 2.5 story keeper’s house for the best experience and admire the beauty of Lake Michigan. A visit to the place is one of the best things to do in the South haven lighthouse.

Did You know- An engineer and some of the retired naval officers constructed the Lighthouse in 1873 as the fifth request out of six orders.

4. Warner Vineyards

Warner Vineyards

Warner Vineyards is probably Michigan’s most seasoned winery, situated along the banks of the flawless Lake Michigan Shore epithet in midtown South Haven. Great wines delivered by the winery are served at the White House and at a few Super Bowls, winning significant honors at global wine rivalries.

Must do- Out of so many things to do in South Haven, visiting Vineyards is worth going to. As you visit there, make sure to go to the tasting room and sample various wines.

Did You know- The winery is the result of the third era of the Warner family, in activity since 1938 as a component of the homestead tasks.

5. Liberty Hyde Bailey Museum

Liberty Hyde Bailey Museum

Showcasing the work of Dr. Bailey’s, the sole objective of the museum is to educate the visitors about it. Not just this, the place was also home to Bailey for 19 years. Also, along with being a historic site, it also has a garden, park, and also offers a research center. So much to offer, this place is one of the most wonderful things to do in South Haven.

Must do- As you tour around the museum, you can have a peaceful walk in the garden and watch beautiful lilies and other plants.

Did You know- Built by Bailey’s dad at around 1858, this notable farmhouse is situated in an area of 80 acres.

6. Kal Haven Trail

Kal Haven Trail

Connecting South Haven and Kalamazoo, Kal Haven Trail runs around 33.5 miles. Being a multipurpose trail, it serves the purpose of hiking, cycling, and during winters, they use it for snowmobiling. For hikers and cyclists, this is among the adventurous things to do in South Haven.

Must do- As you hike through the trail, you can also visit Kalamazoo Museum and art gallery for some rich exhibitions. Also, you can enjoy fishing and cross country skiing.

Did You know- Kal Haven Trail which is used for several purposes was earlier known as the Kal-Haven Trail Sesquicentennial State Park.

7. Cogdal Vineyard

Cogdal Vineyard

Located about half a mile from Lake Michigan, the winery has seven acres of land for grape plantations, that produces some predominant grape assortments for packaging. Producing red and white wines all year, it has some of the finest wines in its share. One gets to have so many things to do in South Haven, including a visit to Cogdal Vineyard.

Must do- Have a tour through the plantation fields and also taste the Michigan wine in the tasting room which features maple wood and cherry components.

Did You know- Many significant awards have been taken home by Cogdal Vineyard in so many competitions, including the Michigan wine competition.

8. Overhiser Orchards

Overhiser Orchards

Situated in Southwest Michigan, the Overhiser Orchards’ farms are spread in an area of 100 acres. Running for over 100 years is among the best things to do in South Haven if you want a recreational trip. Offering a U-Pick for plums, apples, peaches, and other fruits as well. Mostly, they aim to provide a fun tour to the visitors.

Must do- The trip is not completed if you don’t visit their petting zoo and feed the animals. Also, you can take part in the U-Pick activity which is fun and book the educational tour and enjoy the ride in the wagon.

Did You know- For around 150 years, the same cultivating family has been working and managing Overhiser Orchards. All the family members work on the farm and assist tourists.

9. Van Buren State Park

Van Buren State Park

Four miles south to South Haven, lies a land of 400-acre state park known as Van Buren state park. Maintained by the Michigan Department of Natural resources, the park offers you to enjoy swimming, picnicking and provides a campground as well as a playground. Though there are other wonderful things to do in South Haven, it has sand dunes, campsites to enjoy.

Must do- Walk through the forest trails, enjoy camping, and walk around the Lake Michigan shore are must-do things if you are in Van Buren Park.

Did You know- Van Buren was set up in 1966 after the acquisition of the recreation center’s initial 167 sections of land from the Harry LaBar Drake family in 1965.

10. Maria’s taste of Italy

Maria’s taste of Italy

Found only several squares from all that is going on in Downtown South Haven, Michigan, Maria’s Taste of Italy has turned into an objective for genuine family amicable Italian eating. One of the most favorite things to do in South Haven is to enjoy the Italian cuisine, cooked in homemade sausages. One of the most popular restaurants in South Haven, no wonder it is a stopover for most people.

Must do- As you visit the restaurant, make sure you order their specialty, lasagnas, Hawaiian pizza, and gelato ice cream. As you go through the things to do in the South haven list, make sure to add this place for some mouth-watering food.

Did you know- The café presents family-designed recipes that have been consummated for over seventy years.

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Also known as the Catskills of the Midwest in the 20th century, South Haven manages to attract a lot of travelers to its seashore and harbor. Displaying stunning sceneries and notable destinations, the visitors come by to explore its trail, parks, and museums. As you plan to go there, make sure you add these places to your things to do in South Haven. Having so many picturesque landscapes, this place would surely not disappoint you in any way. Moreover, you can find some of the best food joints in South Haven, out of which one of them is Maria’s taste of Italy.

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