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Exciting things to do in Lake Arrowhead

10 Exciting things to do in Lake Arrowhead

Lake Arrowhead located in southern California is one of the most amazing places to enjoy your short trip or say weekend trip. The best combination of woods and lakes, forests surrounds the Lake Arrowhead Village and it surrounds the lake. Consisting of six communities, Lake Arrowhead being one of them, it is considered as one of the best places to visit. Not realizing various things to do in Lake Arrowhead, some people just consider it a pitstop on their way to Big Bear.

But if you look for it, there are several fun activities that you can do there like water sports, enjoy amazing sightseeing, and even local food. Also, there is a Wildlife Sanctuary and an amusement park to visit. And if you are into hiking, then you have Strawberry peak to hike. 

If you are also looking to enjoy your vacations in Lake Arrowhead, then here is a list of the best things to do in Lake Arrowhead. 

10 Exciting things to do in Lake Arrowhead

1. Hike to Strawberry peak

Hiking is a fun activity to go for with friends or family. Strawberry peak is said to be one of the most popular spots to hike to. Meantime, while trekking to the peak, you can also enjoy the view of the greenery surrounding the area. 

Don’t miss- Strawberry peak has an amazing view to offer its visitors. When going through it, you will find strawberries cultivated around the peak. Mount Wilson and Josephine Peak are other peaks near it which you surely don’t want to miss.

Interesting fact- Providing with the best view, Strawberry peak is at the height of 6169 ft. Three feet taller than Gabriel’s peak, it is the tallest in the front reach tops.

2. Visit Wildhaven Ranch

Amongst the best place to visit in Lake Arrowhead, Wildhaven Ranch is a Wildlife sanctuary. If you want a closer experience with nature’s untamed life, Wildhaven Ranch is the spot to be. Moreover, you can also watch various creatures, go on directed visits, partake in various activities, and have a good time.

Don’t miss- Visiting Wildhaven Ranch is an enjoyable activity and amongst the best thing to do in Lake Arrowhead. Going to Ranch and participating in the Wings ‘N’ Things program is something you shouldn’t miss. Volunteers present there conduct events to make people aware of the importance of wildlife.

Interesting fact- Wildhaven Ranch is an educational center for those who want to learn about Wildlife, therefore, it organizes various events like Paws and Claws, Work on the Wild side, Wings, and things.

3. Mountain History Museum

Mountain History Museum

The Mountain History Museum is home to the collection of old housewares, documents, textiles, etc. Also, it has a gift shop for visitors. For those who enjoy historic books and things, for them, it is in a list of things to do in Lake Arrowhead. Enough outdoor space is there for activities and a beautiful garden is also present for you to enjoy the beauty.

Don’t miss- The best thing to enjoy in Mountain History mountain is its artifacts and the local artwork. Moreover, you should participate in the events that take place in the museum. Moreover, the garden is very beautiful where you can just be in peace for some time enjoying the view.

Interesting fact- Made at a place of Post office, there were hands of many citizens who created this mountain Museum. Behind it, there are two buildings named Robert Barber house and George W. Cornwell.

4. Visit the Lake Arrowhead village

Lake Arrowhead Village is an enchanting public center point and is the nearest thing to a midtown locale. It is a top pick for local people and travelers for its various conceivable outcomes. Go through a serene day wandering through the roads of Lake Arrowhead Village with your partners. You get several fun things to do here, and numerous eateries, and many lakefront shops.

Don’t miss- Many engaging things anticipate you here as you know many things to do in Lake Arrowhead village like going on a shopping binge, attempting the wonderful tasting nearby cooking, visiting a workmanship display, having some good times in the shimmering waters of the lake, and bounty more.

Interesting fact- Lake Arrowhead Village got its name from the Arrowhead company that purchased Little bear Lake and its neighboring lands.

5. Grass Valley Park

Grass Valley Park is a flawless and tranquil park, sitting on the shores of a little pool. Also, it is an incredible alternative for you to go through the evening since it highlights numerous conveniences, for example, cookout regions with barbecues, lush fields, clean bathrooms, and free stopping. If you enjoy peace, this is definitely one of the best things to do in Lake Arrowhead.

Don’t miss- Grass Valley park has an amazing view to offer. You can just sit and enjoy the barbeque and also do fishing. Also, you can play various games in the playground. Basically, it is the best spot for a picnic. One of the most exciting things to do in Lake Arrowhead is to visit Grass Valley park for a picnic with close ones.

Interesting fact- Grass Valley park is said to be known as Mountain’s best-kept secret.

6. Visit Grapevine

Lake Arrowhead has a vine shop cum bar to refresh the visitors with some amazing vines to taste. Sitting and enjoying the fine vine with some mouth-watering snacks is heaven on earth. One of the finest things to do in Lake Arrowhead, it offers some of the finest vines.

Don’t miss– It provides you and your life partner or companions heavenly, top-notch wine, postcard-amazing lakefront sees, an open-air deck, and scrumptious snacks. Also, you can enjoy its events.

Interesting fact- The Grapevine bar and retail shop organizes various events to entertain its customers and also provides free concert series.

7. Go to Mountains art Network

A lakefront workmanship exhibition includes various shocking craftsmanships in plain view. Require a couple of moments of your time investigating the many stunning fine arts show at the Mountain Arts Network. You can glance through different bright artistic creations, gems, modified plates, thus considerably more. Mountains art network is definitely on the list of the best things to do in Lake Arrowhead.

Don’t miss- In case you are remaining some time or live nearby, think about taking a workmanship class with the Mountain Arts Network. This can be surely of help for you to learn new things.

Interesting fact- One of the most famous places to visit, the Mountains art network has some of the best paintings on display.

8. Heaps Peak Arboretum

Heaps Peak Arboretum

Another exciting things to do in Lake Arrowhead is a hike to Heaps Park Arboretum. Situated in the San Bernardino Mountains close to Lake Arrowhead, it is so natural to discover. Peak Arboretum has an assortment of the most part local trees, bushes, wildflowers, and different plants.

Don’t miss- When you go to Heaps Peak Arboretum, you must pay a visit to Sequoia Trail. It is an amazing place to visit as you go through the nature trail.

Interesting fact- Peak Arboretum is situated in the San Bernardino Mountains close to Lake Arrowhead, it is so natural to discover. It is situated on the authentic Rim of the World Scenic Highway 18 around 2 miles east of Sky.

9. Lakefront Tap Room Bar and Kitchen

Lakefront Tap Room Bar and Kitchen

While looking for a spot to eat, consider the Lakefront Tap Room Bar and Kitchen. It is the ideal spot for you to find your companions since it includes comfortable, indoor, and open-air seating. Enjoying a portion of good food is one of the best things to do in Lake Arrowhead.

Don’t miss- Partake in a tasty, newly prepared dinner at this eatery with your family or companions. Offering different dishes for you to attempt, similar to succulent burgers, tasty plates of mixed greens, wieners, and then some. On the off chance that you visit this end of the week, you can appreciate tasting delicious mixed drinks and other alcoholic blends as you pay attention to unrecorded music or take part in local area occasions.

Interesting fact- The Lakefront’s area was totally fabricated and overhauled starting from the earliest stage, Merging two spaces; a book shop transformed into our kitchen and the past bistro turned into their primary feasting region.

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10. Tudor House

Tudor House

An amazing thing to do is to enjoy food with entertainment makes in the list of things to do in Lake Arrowhead. The Tudor House is a noteworthy Tudor-style home that currently has different engaging live exhibitions consistently.

Don’t miss- Have an impressive supper with your mates while keeping yourselves completely entertained at the Tudor House. Also one can enjoy a wide assortment of shows, similar to jazz exhibitions, dramatic creations, comedic acts, and numerous other themed grandstands.

Interesting fact- The Tudor compositional style is the last advancement of Medieval design in England and Wales, during the Tudor time frame.


Now, when you go next time, you know different things to do in Lake Arrowhead and the places you need to visit. From the lake to the mountains, it has everything that you want to see. Museums present their history to the people. Also, there are various antique shops to visit. Overall, Lake Arrowhead is not a place that you would regret going to.

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