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17 Wonderful things to do in Lafayette Indiana

Lafayette is a town in Tippecanoe County, Indiana, and the county seat. It is approximately 63 miles northwest of Indianapolis and 125 miles southeast of Chicago. With a population of over 130,000 people, it is a wonderfully lovely town. There are a lot of things to do in Lafayette Indiana. This magnificent and tiny town with a major city’s environment and services, dubbed the Hoosier State, provides you and your travel companions a plethora of tourist destinations to see as well as exhilarating activities to partake in. 

The city was formed in 1825 and has remained an important component of the region ever since. This city has a long heritage, a vibrant culture, and a thriving natural environment. It is also the home of the well-known Perdue University, which attracts a large student population. Lafayette boasts numerous historic sites, gorgeous parks, exciting events, outstanding museums, magnificent country clubs, and much more.

Here are some of the best things to do in Lafayette Indiana.

Things to do in Lafayette Indiana

1. Prophetstown State Park

Prophetstown State Park
Prophetstown State Park

Location- 4112 E, IN-225, West Lafayette, IN 47906

Prophetstown State Park is the newest addition to Indiana’s park system, located in West Lafayette where the Wabash River meets the Tippecanoe River. As you tour Prophetstown State Park, one of the greatest things to do in Lafayette Indiana, you’ll bond with your fellow travelers and make memories that will last along. The Farm at Prophetstown, which depicts Native American life in its earlier days, is one of the park’s highlights.

Things to do- There’s an aquatic center where you may go for a swim and slide into the water. The park also offers a yearly campground with facilities such as RV-accessible spots where guests may camp. There are also hiking paths, cycle routes, picnic sites, and other activities that you can enjoy.

Do you know- The Farm at Prophetstown is a non-profit group that leased 125 acres from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources to portray agricultural activities in the 1920s.

2. Columbian Park Zoo

Columbian Park Zoo
Columbian Park Zoo

Location- 1915 Scott St, Lafayette, IN 47904

Columbian Park Zoo is a seasonal zoo close to Downtown Lafayette. The zoo first officially opened in 1908 and has since become a popular destination for both residents and visitors. It is a habitat for around 200 animals from 90 distinct species. Spider monkeys, wallabies, porcupines, and a variety of other species may be seen in the zoo. If you’re visiting Lafayette Indiana with your children, this is without a doubt one of the best things to do in Lafayette Indiana.

Things to do- Along with observing all of the animals from afar, the zoo’s “Meet n’ Greet” program allows visitors to encounter and treat some of them. Columbian Park, which is next to the zoo, features a walking route, playgrounds, a baseball stadium, and picnic spaces for tourists to explore.

Do you know- After the Chicago World’s Fair in 1892, the park was named “Columbian Park.” The park first made its debut in 1893. The original boathouse and Rush Pavilion were built in 1899.

3. Art Museum of Greater Lafayette

 Art Museum of Greater Lafayette
Art Museum of Greater Lafayette

Location- 102 S 10th St, Lafayette, IN 47905

The Art Museum of Greater Lafayette, which first opened in 1909, is a wonderful regional museum that displays and promotes the works of local, regional, and nationwide artists. The museum’s personnel is pleasant and educated, and they will walk you through everything. Attending events such as free concerts, seminars, artist chats, and courses in the gallery are among the most fantastic things to do in Lafayette Indiana.

Things to do- If you are a patron of art, you will find this place to be one of the best things to do in Lafayette Indiana. As soon as you arrive, you will see some of the finest art pieces and be able to join their activities. There is also a nice gift store in the museum where you may purchase handcrafted items and mementos.

Do you know- The Lafayette Art Association, which is recognized today as the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette, was formed on April 14, 1909. Twenty-five residents, notably representatives of the Art Club formed the group, chaired by Laura Ann Fry.

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4. Clegg Botanic Gardens

Clegg Botanic Gardens
Clegg Botanic Gardens

Location-  N 400 E, Lafayette, IN 47905, United States

The Jerry E. Clegg Botanic Gardens, often known as the Clegg Botanic Gardens, is a great area in Lafayette, Indiana, located close to Wildcat Creek. They are cared for by the Niches Land Trust and provide a wonderful chance to enjoy nature’s splendor. Here is one of the quiet things to do in Lafayette Indiana if you want to get away from the city noises and enjoy a calm walk. The property is accessible from sunrise to sunset all year and provides a unique atmosphere each season.

Things to do- There are eight environmental paths to choose from, all of which are ideal for walking and wandering. There are also gazing towers throughout the paths providing knowledge about the garden and magnificent views of diverse settings.

Do you know- Prairie and oak savanna restorations, large beds of Early summer wildflowers, Indiana rare flora, marked trees, nature paths, and bridges all contribute to a magnificent natural environment.

5. Wolf Park

 Wolf Park
Wolf Park

Location- 4004 E 800 N, Battle Ground, IN 47920

Wolf Park, which first started operating in 1972, is a habitat for several wolf groups as well as bison and foxes. It is a research center at Battle Ground, some 10 miles north of downtown. It investigates, evaluates, and analyzes wolf activity, as well as conducting public education initiatives such as presentations. Visitors may also take guided tours of the area, which are led by knowledgeable and courteous park personnel. For all the adventure seekers, here is a lifetime opportunity for one of the best experiencing things to do in Lafayette Indiana.

Things to do- Participating in a class where you may polish your painting or photography abilities, knowing about the park’s past, seeing how the keepers care for the animals, witnessing live wolf feedings, finding a herd of bison, and much more are just a few of the activities to enjoy.

Do you know- The park hosts a Howl Night Tour, which takes place at night for about two hours and allows visitors to hear the wolves enchant the park with their captivating howls.

6. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

 The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis
The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Location- 3000 N Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN 46208

Pack your bags and go over to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis if you’re looking for a fun family trip in Indiana as this is the most fun and learning things to do in Lafayette Indiana. On at least five levels, it houses more than 120,000 items and many interactive exhibitions. The museum is recognized by the American Alliance of Museums and is located at 3000 North Meridian Street in Indianapolis’ United Northwest Area area.

Things to do- Explore modern Greek culture, gaze through dinosaur fossils, live like an astronaut, attend engaging live events at its theatre, ride a carousel, race go-karts, and more. You may also enjoy some time in the sun by participating in sports

Do you know- The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, which opened in1925, is the world’s biggest museum dedicated to children.

7. Eiteljorg Museum

 Eiteljorg Museum
Eiteljorg Museum

Location- 500 W Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46204

It features a large collection of fine arts by native people, as well as Western American artwork collected by industrialist and philanthropist Harrison Eiteljorg. It is situated in the city of Indianapolis, Indiana. The museum exhibits one of the world’s most important exhibits of traditional Native art. Native American art, western art, and contemporary art are the three principal collections at the museum. With several things to offer, it is one of the most beautiful things to do in Lafayette Indiana.

Things to do- Aside from their extensive permanent collections, you won’t want to miss their intriguing temporary special exhibitions, which tell tales through magnificent photography, relics, interactives, and more.

Do you know- In June 2005, the gallery launched an ambitious extension that added three new galleries, the Sky City Bistro, a learning center, external parks, and an entertainment venue, doubling the museum’s public space.

8. Celery Bog Nature Area

Celery Bog Nature Area
Celery Bog Nature Area

Location- 1620 Lindberg Rd, West Lafayette, IN 47906

Celery Bog Nature Region is a wetlands site that represents nearly 195 acres of land in West Lafayette’s attractive green space. There’s a nature center, wetlands, paths, and more at this peaceful natural park. The place is largely a birdwatcher’s paradise since it is home to over 120 different bird species. Traveling on the not much-used trail, is among amazing things to do in Lafayette Indiana. There are nearly 7 miles of wilderness and asphalt paths where you may enjoy the spectacular landscapes.

Things to do- Explore the Celery Bog Nature Area to take in the tranquil atmosphere and abundance of wildlife that this picturesque town has to offer. Out of several things to do in Lafayette Indiana, my favorite thing is to spot the different birds and species.

Do you know- The Celery Bog was a vast vegetable farm that delivered local produce to more than 80 retailers in the area for much of the twentieth century. It’s a safe bet that celery was one of the most important crops.

9. Fort Ouiatenon

Fort Ouiatenon
Fort Ouiatenon

Location- 3129 S River Rd, West Lafayette, IN 47906

Fort Ouiatenon, a historical site near the Wabash River southwest of Lafayette, was built in the early 1700s. Thousands of people dress up in historical attire and replicate a fall gathering during its famed yearly Feast of the Hunter’s Moon. There are also musical concerts, artisans, snacks, and other activities which makes it popular things to do in Lafayette Indiana.

Things to do- The lovely historical park includes living history exhibits and a model blockhouse, as well as dedicated picnic areas where visitors may have lunch in the gorgeous setting of the fort and its environs. Also, you can enjoy their live performances.

Do you know- Constructed in 1717, Fort Ouiatenon was the very first defensive European colony in what became Indiana. On the Wabash River, it was a wooden palisade with a blockhouse that served as a French trade station.

10. Wildcat Creek Winery

 Wildcat Creek Winery
Wildcat Creek Winery

Location- 3233 E 200 N, Lafayette, IN 47905

Chilling with the group and having a glass of good wine are the best things to do in Lafayette Indiana or anywhere else. Wildcat Creek Winery is a local rustic winery that provides custom wines produced from midwestern grapes and is located in the beautiful North Lafayette area. The winery is kinship and managed, and guests are treated with the warm friendliness that is synonymous with the Midwest. It’s the ideal spot for enjoying some fantastic wine while taking in the beautiful scenery.

Things to do- Before buying a bottle, you may try a variety of wines for complimentary. You may also sample a variety of delicacies, candies, preserves, and freebies created by local artists in addition to wine.

Do you know- In 2008, Rick and Kathy Black founded Wildcat Creek Winery. They are real Indiana entrepreneurs who enjoy the innovation side of winemaking and meeting visitors from all over the world who stop by the vineyard.

11. George Rogers Clark National Historical Park

George Rogers Clark National Historical Park
George Rogers Clark National Historical Park

Location- 401 S 2nd St, Vincennes, IN 47591

A United States National National Historical Park is located near Vincennes, Indiana, on the banks of the Wabash River at what is thought to be the location of Fort Sackville. The memorial monument is a round granite construction topped with a saucer dome of glass walls and sitting on a stylobate, flanked by sixteen granite fluted Greek Doric columns in a peripheral colonnade. Not just a memorial, but the place offers some of the best things to do in Lafayette Indiana.

Things to do- A bronze monument of George Rogers Clark and seven paintings represent the narrative and its repercussions in the Clark Memorial’s interior. Also, if you want to spend some more time, you can stroll around outside.

Do you know- The memorial is located near what is thought to be the site of Fort Sackville; no scientific proof exists, but it is unquestionably within the park’s limits.

12. The Haan Museum of Indiana Art

 The Haan Museum of Indiana Art
The Haan Museum of Indiana Art

Location- 920 State St, Lafayette, IN 47905

The Haan Mansion Museum of Indiana Art, housed in the Potter-Haan Mansion, is an outstanding open museum and an American association Alliance of Museums. Over 100 paintings by Hoosier Group and Indiana Regionalism artists, as well as porcelain, old furniture, and decorative objects, are part of the museum’s collection. Getting a closer look at their amazing collections is among the most admirable things to do in Lafayette Indiana.

Things to do- Take a stroll around the park to see a sculpture garden with over 25 sculptures, a walk in the woods with wildlife, and a mountain bike track. You may take a guided tour and learn everything about the artworks on display, as well as interesting information about them.

Do you know- The house was erected in 1904 by the Meriden-based Wales Lines Co and served as the Connecticut Building during the 1904 St. Louis World’s Show before being relocated to Lafayette, Indiana, after the fair.

13. Wabash Heritage Trail

Wabash Heritage Trail
Wabash Heritage Trail

Location- Indiana, USA

Wabash Heritage Route is a bike path or walking trail that runs next to the Wabash River for 13 kilometers. The path starts in Battle Ground at Tippecanoe Battlefield Park and finishes at Fort Ouiatenon. It offers a fantastic opportunity to view the beautiful surroundings as well as some of the most appealing things to do in Lafayette Indiana. The route even enjoys a complete shade of trees throughout the summer.

Things to do- These trails are also suitable for you to explore with your adorable dog. You may also spend a pleasant time in the tranquility of nature because the area is rarely crowded.

Do you know- Happy Hollow Park, Davis Ferry Bridge, McAllister Park, and another attractive stop by in this gorgeous natural area are worth seeing.

14. Purdue University

Purdue University
Purdue University

Location- 610 Purdue Mall, West Lafayette, IN 47907

Purdue University, situated near Lafayette, is the home campus of the Purdue University system and a public research institution. The  Institution is a universal public research university with a stunning red-brick campus. Perdue University, in addition to providing outstanding education, also gives excellent value to the town’s community through a variety of activities. For all those preparing for higher education has one of the top things to do in Lafayette Indiana.

Things to do- Locals and tourists alike can attend one of the numerous athletic events or artistic performances held on campus in addition to exploring the grounds.

Do you know- The institution was founded in 1868 and is dedicated after John Purdue, who gave land and money to establish a college of farming, industry, and research.

15. Samara House

 Samara House
Samara House

Location- 1301 Woodland Ave, West Lafayette, IN 47906

SAMARA, or the John and Catherine Christian House, is one of the most comprehensive Frank Lloyd Wright residences in the United States. The 2,200 square-foot SAMARA, nestled in one of Indiana’s most historically significant communities, was recognized as a National Historic Landmark in 2015. This is one of the other things to do in Lafayette Indiana.

Things to do- Reserve for your tour to SAMARA and the surrounding land. You’ll hear about Mr. Wright, the personal family experiences working with him, and how the architect’s principles were implemented to SAMARA throughout your visit, among other things to do in Lafayette Indiana.

Do you know- The Samara House, also called the John E. Christian House, was built by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright and is an outstanding example of his Usonian houses.

16. Triple XXX Family Restaurant

Triple XXX Family Restaurant
Triple XXX Family Restaurant

Location- 2 N Salisbury St, West Lafayette, IN 47906

Situated in Salisbury St, West Lafayette, the Triple XXX restaurant is quite old. The Triple XXX Family Restaurant offers one-hundred-percent sirloin burgers made fresh every day, hand-cut grilled pork tenderloins, and pulled pork barbecue. Diners can enjoy real ice cream shakes and the original Triple XXX caffeine-free, gluten-free, premium root beer with pure cane sugar.

Things to do- Come here with your friends and get your favorite cheeseburger, rooted beers, and other fizzy drinks, all of which are absolutely delicious. So for some amazingly tasty food, here are the most favorite things to do in Lafayette Indiana.

Do you know- The Triple XXX Family Restaurant, which opened in 1929 and has been featured on the popular television show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, is Indiana’s oldest drive-in.

17. Nine Irish Brothers

 Nine Irish Brothers
Nine Irish Brothers

Location- 119 Howard Ave, West Lafayette, IN 47906

Nine Irish Brothers is a family-run business, a family-designed, and family-built. An award-winning Irish bar with outlets in Indianapolis and West Lafayette, Indiana, serves traditional Irish fare. With a full bar and excellent Irish food, this local family-owned and operated diner provides a broad range of spirits. Running for quite a long time, this place is still popular and counted on top things to do in Lafayette Indiana.

Things to do- Enjoy their steak, as well as Irish specialties like Guinness Stew, Shepherd’s Pie, and Fish and Chips.

Do you know- After being a campus icon, Jerry made up his mind to fulfill his dream and open an Irish Pub that serves their traditional cuisine and has a good environment and music.


Superb museums, excellent eateries, lovely parks, global zoos, breathtaking bridges, jaw-dropping historical wonders, and much more can be found here. The city’s culinary culture is also great; you’ll find a variety of flavors on the menus of restaurants all throughout the town. Lafayette is ready to be explored by you, with its beautiful landscape, brilliant culture, rich history, delectable food, and so much more. Check out this list of the finest things to do in Lafayette Indiana to plan your ideal trip.

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