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8 Amazing things to do in Valdosta

Lying in the hearts of Southern Georgia, the U.S, it is not a very big city but a beautiful attraction for tourists. Having a theme park and some amazing restaurants, you get many enjoyable things to do in Valdosta. Hardly any miles away from a state’s boundary with Florida, it is also called “Azalea City”. Consolidated in 1860, only a couple of months before the American Civil War, it grew rapidly in 1910 and was determined to be the most extravagant city in America.

Still evaluated profoundly with regards to its way of life, it has turned into a flourishing college city. Appealing, sports-frantic, and loaded up with touring potential, the ‘Azalea City’ is an extraordinary family-accommodating stop off en route to the seashores and amusement parks of Florida.

As you plan for your itinerary, here are some of the best things to do in Valdosta.

Things to do in Valdosta

1. Wild Adventures Theme Park

Wild Adventures theme park

A theme park in Clyatville is in the South of Valdosta. Herschend Family Entertainment owns the park and manages it. consolidating eight significant exciting rides and other roller coasters with a Polynesian-themed water park called Splash Island and a zoo, you definitely get a lot of things to do in Valdosta theme park. Not just for kids, but it is suitable for adults too, and there is a safari train that permits guests to get up near local creatures and any semblance of lions and elephants.

Must do- Take the youngsters to the Ohana Bay segment and let them slide down or take in an intriguing ride at the Hoppin’ Gators. And as we say, that it is for adults too, you can go to an arcade, go-kart hustling, and a zoo with fascinating creatures.

Did you know- The theme park spanned an area of 166 acres opened in 1996.

2. Grand Bay Wildlife Management Area

Grand Bay Wildlife Management Area

The Grand Bay Wildlife Management Area (WMA) incorporates 2,623 sections of land of the state-claimed property. There are two fundamental passages to the Wildlife area. Also, it offers you hunting openings for Turkey, Deer, Waterfowl. So for all the adventure seekers, you have so many things to do in Valdosta. With its involved encounters, it allows guests to study more deeply about the region’s wetlands and natural life.

Must do- Go on and climb any of its natural trails, or climb the 54-foot pinnacle, and enjoy a shocking elevated perspective of the encompassing scene. Also, participate in any of its projects.

Did You know- The area comprises around 3,059 sections of land of upland pine and hardwood backwoods and 5,438 sections of land of cypress/gum wetlands.

3. Annette Howell Turner Center for the Arts

Anette Howell Turner Center for Arts

The Annette Howell Turner Center for the Arts is a chief provincial community situated in midtown Valdosta, offering a wide assortment of workmanship encounters. Having 8 extraordinary galleries, the gallery shows explicit global and territorial pieces. Impermanent exhibition promotes regional arts while its permanent gallery has a variety of European porcelains and African ancestral relics.

Must do- People who enjoy art, for them, it is one of the best things to do in Valdosta. Have a peaceful time on the museum’s lawn. Also, you can go to the gift shop that has some of the finest potteries, jewels, wood carvings, and a lot more.

Did you know- The center was gifted by Georgia Senator to be named in memory of his late spouse, Annette Howell Turner, and the new center got finished in 2003.

4. Lowndes County Historical Society & Museum

Lowndes County Historical Museum

Situated in Valdosta’s Carnegie Library, this gallery has just about 1,000 square meters devoted to the historical backdrop of the city and its encompassing region. The historical center has two stories of exhibition space; the exhibition on the first floor contains many photos, data on occasions, and offers shows consistently. The highlighted ground floor is an interpretive show: Lowndes County, which takes you through the nearby local area’s advancement from a little wilderness town to a flourishing and different city. Going to the museum and experiencing the past is one of the best things to do in Valdosta.

Must do- As you visit the museum, there is an open space outside the museum, that has beautiful trees planted and a library which has many documents preserved.

Did you know- The Lowndes County Historical Society established the museum at a small home in Valdosta in 1977. Being a Non-Profitable Organization, its main idea is to encourage history.

5. The Crescent

The Crescent

One of the top things to do in Valdosta, it is amongst the most popular buildings in the U.S. Encircled by Spanish greenery and enormous live oaks, this chateau is an outright should-see. With period collectibles and unique decorations, it’s likewise a pleasant place when it’s coming down or cold.

Must do- Walk around the complicatedly arranged nurseries including magnolia, Spanish greenery, and many more. Subsequently, head inside the chateau, and take a directed visit.

Did you know- Worked in 1898 by a US Senator, the site incorporates a little church that is a famous wedding scene and a school building formed like an octagon.

6. Raisin’ Cane

Raisin’ cane

Basically, Raisin’ Cane is a functioning farm where you can take your kids and let them find out with regards to where their food comes from. And at the same time, let them enjoy the maize labyrinth and feed rides. Grown-ups may favor the food courts and ranchers showcases that Raisin’ Cane additionally has. One of the best things to do in Valdosta learns and enjoy it at the same time.

Must do-Experience its various exercises, including livestock, a corn labyrinth, and hayrides. Also, you can appreciate scrumptious custom-made dishes, and remove lounges of newly heated bread or a choice of gifts and trinkets.

Did you know- One of the main sources of income and employment for the people of Valdosta for several decades was Agriculture. This agri-tourism business was opened in 2013.

7. Georgia Beer Company

Georgia Beer Company

Offering directed visits to its plain wood-fabricated office in Valdosta, it is South Georgia’s first distillery. Shaking things up with regards to taste, this novice produces both conventional brew styles and those that are more imaginative and exploratory. Also, it offers a taproom where its brews are tested under natural climatic conditions. Georgia’s Beer Company is quite popular for its brewery and without any doubt, one of the best things to do in Georgia Beer Company.

Must do- Have a visit to their sample room and test a portion of their best manifestations. Likewise, take a directed visit and figure out how they brew their lager into flawlessness.

Did you know- After its inauguration in 2014, they had the first beer, Nirvana in Georgia.

8. Valdosta Wake Compound

Valdosta Wake Compound

One of the most fascinating places in Valdosta, in fact, one of the most fun things to do in Valdosta, if you are a watersports lover. It flaunts a six-tower full link framework, for guests to partake in the adventure of wakeboarding without any additional expense.

Must do- Have an experience of wakeboarding and hit its various impediments, similar to its lines, and slopes. Also, you should lease a kayak or water ski at this office.

Did you know- Full cables used by them incorporate all unique provisions planned and worked by Wakeboarders and Wakeskaters. In fact, it is the first in the nation to contain a “whiz” pool hole.

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Valdosta is a beautiful city in the heart of Georgia. Having so many things to do in Valdosta, the list can go on but some of the most refreshing and beautiful landscapes have been mentioned. In fact, there are certain places where you can enjoy thrilling adventures. Be it kid or adult, everybody enjoys Valdosta as it has so much to offer for all age groups. As you plan a trip to Valdosta, consider this list for the most happening trip.

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