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8 Fun Things to do in Abilene

Abilene is a city in Texas, United States, located in the counties of Taylor and Jones. Formerly a tiny Texas frontier hamlet, Abilene is now a sophisticated, flourishing metropolis with distinct museums honoring and remembering the past. There are numerous more things to do in Abilene besides visiting the museum too. The Texas Forts Trail, which connects several West Texas frontier sites, includes the 19th century Fort Phantom Hill. It is the ideal location for a getaway filled with peaceful, engaging, and fun activities.

Shortly after its founding in 1881, Abilene was established and people began to plan on relocating the county seat to the city. The community was named after Abilene, Kansas, the original destination for the Chisholm Trail, and was founded by cattlemen as a cattle shipment station on the Texas and Pacific Railway in 1881.

Get ready to enjoy some of the best things to do in Abilene.

Things to do in Abilene

1. The Grace Museum

The Grace Museum
The Grace Museum

Location- 102 Cypress St, Abilene, TX 79601

The Abilene Fine Arts Museum, which preceded the Grace Museum, was created in 1937. The Grace Museum has exhibitions on a variety of subjects. Five art galleries house the gallery’s changing exhibitions as well as work of art out of its permanent collection. It includes historical exhibitions from 1850 to 1950, family-friendly exhibits, entertaining activities, community festivals, training courses, and much more. In short, the place offers some of the best things to do in Abilene.

Things to do- Explore this museum to see early 1900s clothes, antiquities, photos, fabrics, sculptures, and artwork by well-known artisans such as Andy Warhol and Beili Liu, among other things. One may also attend a seminar, enrol for art classes, learn to cook, and other activities here.

Did you know- It was founded by the Abilene Woman’s Club’s Art League and moved many times before settling in its current site in a historical old hotel erected in 1909.

2. Frontier Texas

Frontier Texas
Frontier Texas

Location- 625 N. 1st Street, Abilene, TX 79601

Frontier Texas, located in downtown Abilene, is a fun and informative historical site that uses cutting-edge technology to let visitors envision life in the Old West. Founded in 2004, the place includes a theatre, a souvenir store, and entertaining learning programs. Blood & Treasure on the Frontier, a 90-minute immersive Old West adventure film, puts the frontier and the Wild West into life and presents characters who lived in the neighborhood during those thrilling times.

Things to do- Frontier Texas has a lot to offer as you visit the place. Learn about weapons used in frontier days, early civilizations, ranchers, army career, local wildlife, Native Tribes of America, and other topics by visiting the museum’s displays. These displays are simply one of the most learning things to do in Abilene.

Did you know- The history site also serves as official visitors centre of Abilene and the Texas Forts Trail Region’s information center.

3. 12th Armored Division Memorial Museum

12th Armored Division Memorial Museum
12th Armored Division Memorial Museum

Location- 1289 North 2nd, Abilene, TX 79601

One of the best things to do in Abilene to get some hisotrical information is to visit the 12th Armored Division memorial Museum. Situated near historic Camp Barkeley in Abilene, Texas, where the division completed training prior heading to Europe to enter the European Theater of Operations. It is a World War II museum with three levels of exhibits located in the city’s central centre, close to numerous stores and restaurants. The museum’s mission is to conserve the 12th Armored Division’s long – lasting impact and to act as a learning aid for World War II studies.

Things to do- View relics, historic pictures, miniatures, a Holocaust monument, cars, costumes, souvenirs, ancient apparatus, and much at this museum. Also it features a gift store where you may purchase mementos.

Did you know- The 12th Armored Division, often called as the “Hellcat Division,” was instrumental in the capture of nearly 72,000 German soldiers and the rescue of captives from Nazi extermination camps.

4. Historic Fort Phantom Hill

Historic Fort Phantom Hill
Historic Fort Phantom Hill

Location- 10818 FM600, Abilene, TX 79601

Located in Jones County, it is a significant landmark of the city, having been built in 1851. It is among the best maintained ancient buildings in Texas and is included in the Texas Forts Trail, a 650-mile-long tour of Texas historic forts. With a green lawn, towering trees, and a bucolic ambience, it has a lovely scenery and makes up on the list of one of the most favorite things to do in Abilene. There are also historical signs to discover more about the region.

Things to do- Capture a series of photographs featuring historic structures in the background, such as a guardhouse, fireplace ruins, a cafeteria, a stone powder magazine, and other stone foundations from ancient constructions.

Did you know- The fort was initially named as the “Post on the Clear Fork of the Brazos,” and it was manned by the United States Army from 1851 to 1854. The majority of the domed roofs and wood walls were destroyed in a fire when the soldiers left the fort.

5. National Center for Children’s Illustrated Literature

 National Center for Children’s Illustrated Literature
National Center for Children’s Illustrated Literature

Location- 102 Cedar Street, Abilene, TX 79601

Opened in 2000,  it was dedicated to Children’s book illustrations, that have a great influence on young readers and play a large part in their eventual enjoyment of reading. The National Center for Children’s Illustrated Literature is a unique museum that concentrates on illustrations in children’s literature and has artwork by well-known children’s book artists. Considered to be the best place for young readers as they have some best things to do in Abilene.

Things to do- For youngsters and their families, there are weekly art activities. You may perform various things on designated days of the week, such as creative projects, attending lectures, and so on.

Did you know- Prize winning artists collaborate with the gallery to develop displays of their work. After then, each show moves to other galleries, museums, and libraries around the country.

6. Paramount Theatre

Paramount Theatre
Paramount Theatre

Location- 352 Cypress St, Abilene, TX 79601

The 1,199-seat theater has an ornate gable roof with sparkle and floating clouds, as well as fascinating Spanish-Moorish interior design. Its main stage is equipped with cutting-edge technology and offers cutting-edge facilities, and it hosts some of the greatest international and local performers, set designers, and choreographers. After a long day excursion, one of the most relaxing things to do in Abilene is to enjoy a performance in Paramount Theater.

Things to do- Watch an enthralling show at the Paramount Theatre, like ballets, symphony operas, musicals, concerts, theatrical productions, dance recitals, and plenty of other entertaining options.

Did you know- H. O. Wooten constructed the theater in 1930 and it was carefully renovated in 1986 and restored to its former grandeur.

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7. Abilene Zoo

Abilene Zoo
Abilene Zoo

Location- 2070 Zoo Lane, Abilene, TX 79602

Abilene Zoological Gardens boasts a huge and diversified wildlife populations for a tiny zoo comprising only 16 acres. Visitors to the Abilene Zoo may get close enough to each other with creatures from all around the world. It has special play areas to keep your kids occupied, as well as a train ride, a boardwalk, clean bathrooms, a nature carnival, and much more.

Things to do- Various things to do in Abilene includes feeding giraffe or have a fun train ride in the zoo and look for animals like rhinos, lion, camels, and white tiger. Refuel with food and soft drinks, as well as pick up a memento from the Watering Hole.

Did you know- Over 600 animals from all over the world call the Abilene Zoological Park home, comprising at least 127 distinct species.

8. The Mill Wine Bar & Event Center

The Mill Wine Bar & Event Center
The Mill Wine Bar & Event Center

Location- 239 Locust Street, Abilene, TX 79602

Nestled near the historic mill tower, the Mill Wine Bar & Event Center originally served the Texas Mill & Elevator Company and is surrounded by thriving grapevines. It is a popular Abilene location for wine enthusiasts. Head to this magnificent wine bar if you’re seeking for the finest things to do in Abilene. It has a sizable fine wine, specialty cocktail, and domestic beer selection. It features a sophisticated atmosphere, live music on occasion, and a stylish style.

Things to do- Visitors may book a silo on the terrace and have a private time while drinking wine and enjoying delectable foods such as pork sliders, mushroom truffles, and cakes.

Did you know- The cuisine is prepared on-site by their own food truck. The Mill is also a popular party and gathering venue, thanks to its wonderful location and wide range of beverages.


Enjoy yourself by visiting numerous museums, seeing wildlife at a zoo, exploring a historical landmark, wandering through beautiful gardens, admiring magnificent artworks at a gallery, and a variety of other activities. Make memorable moments with your friends or family while you explore some of the greatest things to do in Abilene. Surely, this is one of the most wonderful cities of Texas and it won’t be a disappointment as you visit with family.

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