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8 Wonderful Things to do in Casper Wyoming

A city in east-central Wyoming and the second largest in the state, after Cheyenne, this place has a long history. Being such a large city, no wonder, the place has so much to offer to its visitors. As you visit the place, you will realize that there are so many things to do in Casper Wyoming. Also known as the Oil city as it is a petroleum refinery center. The city was set up east of the previous site of Fort Caspar during the 19th century and later, even after the closure of the fort, Casper got its place.

As the city is quite big, you have so many beautiful places to visit, such as, Hell’s Half Acre, Ayres Natural Bridge, Casper Mountains, and a lot of museums are there. Here is the list of top things to do in Casper Wyoming.

Things to do in Casper Wyoming

1. National Historic Trails Interpretive Center

National Historic Trails Interpretive Center
National Historic Trails Interpretive Center

Location- 1501 N Poplar St, Casper

In an area of 1000 meter square, the National Historic trails interpretive center exhibits displays on trails. As the inhabitants in the United States relocated to the west, a considerable lot of the path went through Wyoming. So the place centers around these memorable territorial paths that affected history the history of the USA. They do it by enlightening exhibits and ancient rarities tending to Native American societies and toward the west extension.

Things to do- One of the best things to do in Casper Wyoming is a visit to this place, especially if you have an interest in history. As you visit the museum, you must go to both temporary as well as a permanent exhibitions and get to learn about the trails of Mormon, California, Pony Express, and a lot more. Also, you can attend the workshops and evening programs.

Do you know- The thought for an interpretive focus in Casper started with the production of a little path council and lately, they turned their Council into a Non-Profitable organization named, National Historic Trails Center Foundation

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2. Ayres Natural Bridge

Ayres Natural Bridge
Ayres Natural Bridge

Location- 208 Natural Bridge Rd, Douglas

Possessing a land of 150 acres, Ayres natural Bridge lies between Douglas and Glenrock. Being one of the most popular attractions, it is on the list of top things to do in Casper, Wyoming. Underneath the stone arrangement streams LaPrele Creek, making one of just three stone openings in the country that length water. In fact, this place is just a perfect spot for an excellent photo shoot.

Things to do- This picturesque park is an ideal place for hiking, fishing, picnicking, and camping. In fact, this place is open for bookings for the wedding venue.

Do you know- Ayres is the last name of the family who gave the land which had been essential for their farm.

3. Platte River Trails

Platte River Trails
Platte River Trails

Location- Platte River Pkwy, Wyoming, USA

A 28.5 meter stretch of Platte River trails starts from North-West of Englewood and ends at North Henderson. Just an ideal setting for involved finding out with regards to an assortment of points from birds and creatures to waterway nature and local history. Having access to the River Platte, the visit to this place undoubtedly falls on the list of top things to do in Casper Wyoming.

Things to do- Offers you a wide range of water sports such as fishing, floating, and kayaking. Additionally, it being a long trail, there are several sports in the route for picnicking.

Do you know- The trail has an opening to 10 different parks like Amoco Park, the Tata Pumphouse, Crossroads park, etc for you to enjoy.

4. Casper Balloon Roundup

Casper Balloon Roundup
Casper Balloon Roundup

Location- Central Wyoming Fairgrounds, Casper, WY United States 

For most people, seeing Casper Balloon is on the wish list of things to do in Casper Wyoming. The event takes place in summers, where many bright tourist balloons drift over Casper. It’s an end-of-the-week-long celebration drawing in balloonists from everywhere in the United States. So, to watch the balloons roundup, it is important that you visit the place during summer.

Things to do- For a better view, you can go to Casper Mountains as they launch balloons in the air.

Do you know– The event first took place in the year, 2005 where only 10 balloons were involved and gradually it became a success and now is considered to be the biggest balloon festival in Wyoming.

5. Fort Casper Museum

Fort Casper Museum
Fort Casper Museum

Location- 4001 Fort Caspar Rd, Casper

To educate its visitors about Casper’s history, they display the culture of Native Americans, some local industries, replicas of Mormon ferry, and farming. Also consisting of the reconstructed buildings, this place is quite big but worth a visit. Fort Casper Museum is amongst the top things to do in Casper Wyoming. Visiting this place would tell you a lot about the first century of Caspers.

Things to do- As you visit their museums, some of the things that you would enjoy seeing are our carriage shed, Cemetary, wagon ferry, and check the fort ground.

Do you know- Constructed in 1859, Fort Casper for the military purpose of the United States Army named after Caspar Collins, who was the Second Lieutenant.

6. Independence Rock

Independence Rock
Independence Rock

Location- WY Route 220, Alcova

A large rock made up of Granite is the remarkable landmark that lies to the west of Fort Laramie. The State of Wyoming assigned it as a public noteworthy milestone. Presently, this place contains a pathway that goes towards the foundation of the stone and interpretive displays that recount the path story. No wonder, a hike to this giant rock is one of the best things to do in Casper Wyoming.

Things to do- Being a huge rock, you can hike to this place and as you walk by, know about the past story attached to it.

Do you know- After the fur trappers observed their Independence day on 4th of July, 1830, close to this rock, the place got its name “Independence Rock”.

7. Fort Laramie

 Fort Laramie
Fort Laramie

Location- 965 Gray Rocks Road, Fort Laramie, WY 82212

Constructed in 1834 as the center for the exchanging of fur, turned into the biggest and most popular garrison on the Northern Plains shielding the pilgrims as they moved west. In 1890, the Fort got abandoned. This place saves and deciphers one of America’s most significant areas throughout the entire existence of toward the west extension and Indian obstruction.

Things to do- As the visitors visit the post, they can find out about Westward Expansion history and go to seasonal occasions like reenactments. Visit Fort Laramie is on the list of top-rated things to do in Casper Wyoming.

Do you know- Fort Willian is the founder of the fort and for some time, the place was called Fort John before it got its name as Fort Laramie.

8. Fremont Canyon

Fremont Canyon
Fremont Canyon

Location- Fremont Canyon Road, Casper

On the Southwest of Pathfinder Dam, approx at a distance of 4 miles lies the Fremont Canyon. The river is surrounded by rocks that ascend high on all sides makes it an ideal place for projecting a fishing line. The visit to this place is one of the most beautiful things to do in Casper Wyoming as it gives you a lifetime experience.

Things to do- If you are visiting this place, you can definitely enjoy fishing and lease a kayak or boat and row through the water. Also, if not water adventures, then you can do rock climbing or hiking.

Do you know- General John Charles Fremont in 1842 investigated the gorge, endeavoring yet neglecting to explore its length by boat.


Being a home to many museums, this place is historically rich. Along with that, there are several trails in the area, the best one being Platte River Trails. One enjoys things to do in Casper Wyoming as they offers some amazing landscapes, such as Fremont Canyon. In addition, you get a lot of sport activities as well to enjoy in this city.

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