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8 Wonderful Things to do in Hannibal

Hannibal is a settlement in Missouri, United States, located along the Mississippi River in Marion and Ralls counties. Hannibal is the one you’ve been looking for, as you have several things to do in Hannibal mo. This little Missouri town is a lovely place with a lot of culture and traditions. It was formerly home to authors such as Mark Twain and is now a repository for their works and souls. This location provides a range of fascinating sites for you to discover, with a large number of tourist attractions and places to hang out.

Rockcliffe Mansion was built in 1900 and contains art nouveau décor and antique furnishings. Marion County encompasses most of the city, with a small sliver in the south stretching into Ralls County. On the Mississippi, the Mark Twain Riverboat provides cruises. So, without any delay, here are some of the best things to do in Hannibal mo.

Things to do in Hannibal mo

1. Mark Twain’s boyhood home

Mark Twain’s boyhood home
Mark Twain’s boyhood home

Location- 120 N Main St, Hannibal, MO 63401

Between 1844 to 1853, it was the residence of Samuel Langhorne Clemens, popularly known as novelist Mark Twain, situated 206-208 Hill Street in Hannibal, Missouri, on the west bank of the Mississippi River in the United States. Hundreds of people gather to pay their respects to the famed literary genius at Mark Twain’s boyhood home, which is now a well-known tourist attraction. In fact, to know more about his life, the visit to this place is one of the must things to do in Hannibal mo. His home has been turned into a museum with a collection of books and fascinating sculptures.

Things to see- Numerous of the exhibits are based on his writings, and there are many interactive exhibits, such as a model stagecoach and river raft. Souvenirs may be purchased at a local gift store. So basically, there are a lot of things to see here.

Did you know- It has been available to the public as a museum since 1912, and on December 29, 1962, it was recognized as a National Historic Landmark.

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2. Mark Twain Cave & Campground

 Mark Twain Cave & Campground
Mark Twain Cave & Campground

Location- 300 Cave Hollow Rd, Hannibal, MO 63401

Mark Twain spent much of his boyhood playing in a cave near his house. His memories of the cave lingered with him throughout his life, and they were finally memorialized in his works. You may see the cave that created many of the settings in Twain’s writings only a mile south of town. The Cave is a National Natural Landmark, and you may take a walking tour of the complex that motivated the author and once served as a hideout for Jesse James. The place offers some of the thrilling things to do in Hannibal mo.

Things to see- The area is ideal for tent camping to get the most out of your visit. The location has a winery in case you require any. A one-man presentation is available to discover so much about the past. You may just collect gems and build some accessories.

Did you know- When Jack Sims pursued a panther into what looked to be a tiny lair in the winter of1819, he discovered the Mark Twain Cave.

3. Rockcliffe mansion

Rockcliffe mansion
Rockcliffe mansion

Location- 1000 Bird St, Hannibal, MO 63401

Rockcliffe Mansion provides a wonderful trip at a low cost. This is one of the most favorite things to do in Hannibal mo if you enjoy historical monuments. It was constructed in the 1890s, and the state of conservation of this magnificent home is absolutely amazing. The proprietors would greet you with a delightful experience that would begin with wine and cheese upon arrival. It’s hard to fathom how the house sat empty for over 40 years after its owner’s death and was almost demolished before numerous Hannibal families stepped in to restore it to its former grandeur.

Things to see- You can take a guided tour of this place. At the same time, enjoy watching its vintage architecture and furnishings. Not just a museum, you can enjoy an overnight stay here too.

Did you know- The Rockcliffe has around 30 rooms and ten magnificent fireplaces. The building is designed in Late Victorian and Art Nouveau styles, with the majority of the authentic vintage furnishings and fittings on show.

4. Haunted House on Hill Street

Haunted House on Hill Street
Haunted House on Hill Street

Location- 215 Hill St, Hannibal, MO 63401

For one of the most ghosty things to do in Hannibal Mo, this is the place to visit. Those who went more than 30 years ago will undoubtedly feel nostalgic, while today’s tourists of all ages will be delighted and frightened. This wax museum on Hill Street is a tiny but instructive house tour that is both frightening and entertaining for both children and adults. This site has a lot of distinct and unusual displays and objects, giving it a unique encounter for you and your family. Don’t be fooled by the house’s lovely façade; the chained skeleton in the window must act as a deterrent that something horrible is happening within.

Things to see- The wax sculptures of many great artists and singers astound, as they appear to be incredibly lifelike. You may also use them to take some photographs.

Did you know- According to a historical monument out front, the Scary Home on Hill St. Wax Museum is “as portrayed in Mark Twain’s writings,” however the mansion in the writings isn’t even on Hill Street and did not contain a wax museum.

5. Riverview Park

 Riverview Park
Riverview Park

Location- 505 N 3rd St, Hannibal, MO 63401

Riverview Park, in Hannibal, Missouri, is a classic grassland public park. The caretaker’s house, three beautiful viewpoints with footings, the concrete stairs, the vehicle route, the logging road, the Mark Twain statue (1913), and the memorial stone and plaque are all located in the park. It’s a lovely spot to see the first signs of spring. To see the spring flowers and blood roots blossoming is amongst the most beautiful things to do in Hannibal mo.

Things to see- Trekking and fishing are an option for visitors. On the wider round, there is an attractive spring house and cascade. You may see coyotes, deer, ducks, and wild dogs as you stroll through the park.

Did you know- Founded in 1909 and constructed between 1909 and 1929 as per designs created by famous landscape architect Ossian C. Simonds, and it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2005.

6. Molly Brown Birthplace Museum

 Molly Brown Birthplace Museum
Molly Brown Birthplace Museum

Location- 600 Butler St, Hannibal, MO 63401

Unsinkable,  Molly Brown, who was named Margaret Tobin in Hannibal in 1867, lived there before leaving to seek fame and wealth. Today, the little house where she was grown serves as a tiny museum. You’ll hear about her extraordinary life and how she got wealthy beyond her wildest dreams by following the gold rush west. Visit the tiny hamlet where Maggie Tobin was conceived since she became Molly Brown, the Unsinkable. All those who are titanic fans, this is on the wishlist of things to do in Hannibal mo.

Things to see- Visit the Molly Brown Birthplace and Museum to hear about the actual life of poor-to-riches story of Margaret Tobin Brown, Titanic’s heroine, American patriot, and one of the Progressive Era’s most significant voices.

Did you know- Brown ended up on to survive the Titanic disaster, acquiring the moniker “Brownie” in the process, and eventually became a well-known philanthropist.

7. Mark Twain Memorial Lighthouse

 Mark Twain Memorial Lighthouse
Mark Twain Memorial Lighthouse

Location- E Rock St, Hannibal, MO 63401

To learn more about Mark Twain’s life, this is one of the other things to do in Hannibal mo. On top of Cardiff Hill, the Mark Twain Memorial Lighthouse is situated on ten acres of parkland. This memorial lighthouse was erected in honor of the late Mark Twain, who was an author, novelist, teacher, thinker, strongly analytical, and a well-known writer in his day, and it serves as a monument to him.  If you enjoy reading, this is a must-see location where you may discover everything there is to know about this well-known author.

Things to see- This lighthouse takes a wider perspective of the entire town, which is a stunning sight to see. It’s a lovely spot for a brief trek. The lighthouse is illuminated at night and appears to be rather lovely. The view here at night is one of the most beautiful things to do in Hannibal mo.

Did you know- From the north end of Main Street in old downtown Hannibal, there are 244 stairs ascending uphill to the Lighthouse.

8. Huckleberry Park

Huckleberry Park
Huckleberry Park

Location- 1300 30th St, Hannibal, MO 63401

Huckleberry Park may be found near the intersection of Highway 61 South and Huckleberry Drive. It spans 70 acres and includes hillsides, forested areas, a handicapped-accessible fishing pond, and stunning natural vistas. Tourists usually add this place to their list of the best things to do in Hannibal mo. Two rentable shelters are among the amenities.

Things to see- You may head to this park merely to relax and have a beautiful little picnic, or you can participate in activities such as biking, climbing, jogging, and football. Also, the Born Learning Trail, which loops around the playground and offers a number of interactive activities for kids, is a must-see.

Did you know- Scavenger Hunts have been established by the Hannibal Parks & Recreation Department to promote visitors to Hannibal parks.


People are drawn to tiny river communities for a variety of reasons. You’ll want to stop in, relax, and stay awhile because of their beauty, history, and slower pace. Hannibal, Missouri, is a perfect example of this. Built on the Mississippi River’s banks, this city is proud of its most famous son, the revered novelist Mark Twain. As you get many things to do in Hannibal mo, the place won’t be a disappointment.

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