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9 Awesome things to do in New Bern

Earlier called as Newbern, and now known as New Bern, is a riverfront city in North Carolina. Located at the junction of the Neuse and Trent Rivers in Craven County, New Bern is North Carolina’s second-oldest European-American colonial town, after Bath. You get a whole lot of things to do in New Bern with your entire family as New Bern offers a diverse range of cultural and historical monuments, museums, galleries, urban parks, and gardens, as well as an abundance of sights.

Several accommodations, motels, restaurants, vintage stores, and specialist shops are also nearby. Also, the place includes four old neighborhoods on the National Register of Historic Places, with multiple notable structures originating from the 18th century, featuring housing, shops, and chapels. Several of the city’s 2,000 crape myrtles—its signature flower—as well as lush greenery may be seen in the historic neighborhoods.

The places that are culturally noteworthy can also serve as excellent tourist spots.  The top things to do in New Bern are listed below.

Things to do in New Bern

1. Latham-Whitehurst Nature Park

Latham-Whitehurst Nature Park
Latham-Whitehurst Nature Park

Location- 1095 Broad Creek Rd, New Bern

In the peaceful eastern part of New Bern lies the Latham-Whitehurst Nature Park that is a municipal protected area and a top location for leisure activities and nature experiences. In addition to the water’s attractions, the park has a number of nature paths that range in length from.16 miles to.8 miles and can be joined for a lengthier hike through the gorgeous Craven County woodlands. Visiting Latham Natural Trail is amongst the top things to do in New Bern.

Things to do- The activities that you can enjoy here are trekking, kayaking, biking, fishing, watching birds, and picturesque landscape.

Did you know- Latham Whitehurst Nature Park is among Craven County’s latest parks, being established in 2011 to both residents and visitors.

2. Tryon Palace

 Tryon Palace
Tryon Palace

Location- 529 S Front St, New Bern, NC 28562

The palace, which has been located in New Bern, North Carolina, was frequently the site of official functions and hospitality and is now considered as the heritage site of New Bern. Surrounded by 16 acres of finely groomed gardens and grounds, Tryon Palace represents three centuries of landscape and gardening tradition that tourists may view on tour guides. because of all these reasons, the visit to this place is on the list of favorite things to do in New Bern.

Things to do- Tourists can explore their beautiful garden, heritage building, and learn about the history of the place.

Did you know- Also referred to as the Governor’s Palace, the palace is a historic structure that originally served as the head offices and formal house of North Carolina’s colonial governors in the 18th century.

3. New Bern Firemen’s Museum

New Bern Firemen's Museum
New Bern Firemen’s Museum

Location- 420 Broad St, New Bern, NC 28560

The museum, which opened in 1955, covers the narrative of the state’s original fire company and includes a wide range of hands-on displays as well as an amazing collection of original mementos. It is dedicated to preserving New Bern’s firefighting history and to all the courageous fighters who have labored for the city’s wellbeing, safeguarded it several times, and even gave their lives to save others.

Things to do- Witness the Great Fire of ’22, which burned over 1,000 structures in midtown, the famous fire horse, and chat with Fred are a few of the things to do in New Bern.

Did you know- The exhibition tells the stories of the New Bern Steam Fire Engine Company No. 1, as well as the Great Fire of 1922, which burned over 1,000 structures and left most of the town in ashes.

4. New Bern Academy Museum

 New Bern Academy Museum
New Bern Academy Museum

Location- 529 S Front St, New Bern, NC 28562

The New Bern Academy Museum, which is housed in a historic structure that was formerly a schoolhouse and dates all the way back to 1809 in the center of New Bern’s historic residential area, functioned as a dispensary during the Civil War and then as a classroom where lessons were held until 1971. On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, the New Bern Academy Center is open from 12:30 hours. until 16:30 hours.

Things to do- Things to do in New Bern Academy Museum include witnessing their display of the Civil War Military Occupation Exhibit and Face to Face: Civil War Sketches & Stories.

Did you know- The New Bern Academy Museum now features four important collections, all of which are overseen by professionals from the adjacent Tryon Palace.

5. New Bern Civil War Battlefield Park

New Bern Civil War Battlefield Park
New Bern Civil War Battlefield Park

Location- 511 Broad Street, New Bern, NC 28560

The site of roughly a third of the Battle of New Bern during the Civil War, the park is in near-perfect condition: the “redans,” or battle positions, are virtually unchanged from a century and a half ago, with no signs of construction or cultivation. Battlefield Park is an essential part of maintaining New Bern’s rich history, and it also completes the North Carolina Civil War Trail, which runs from Bentonville to Fort Macon and Fort Fisher via Goldsboro and Kinston.

Things to do- Being the place that holds such historical significance, you get so many things to do in New Bern Civil War Battlefield Park. To know a piece of detailed information, you must take the guided tours.

Did you know- The Civil War Preservation Trust donated the main 24 plus acres of the battlefield to the New Bern Historical Society, and additional land close to that location was eventually purchased.

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6. Shackleford Banks

Shackleford Banks
Shackleford Banks

Location- 430 W. Beaufort Road, Beaufort, NC 28516

If you want to witness some genuinely wild horses in their native habitat, trek to Shackleford Banks. Stunning horses will make you remember what a magnificent, powerful beast they are. Providing eco-tours of the pristine Shackleford Banks, the experience taken here is one of the best things to do in New Bern. The best part about this place is that the wild horses that roam freely here are the most essential feature of this island, aside from its beautiful setting and breathtaking views.

Things to do- Stroll through the picturesque barrier island where the horses reside and hire guides offering their expertise and enthusiasm for the isolated islands.

Did you know- The free herd is considered to be derived from Spanish horses who were stranded here over 400 years ago and are among the few remaining solitary herds of wild horses in the United States.

7. New Bern Farmers Market

New Bern Farmers Market
New Bern Farmers Market

Location- 421 S Front St, New Bern, NC 28560

The New Bern Farmers Market, which opened in 1984, is made up of a varied collection of vendor members as it provides a unique style for local artists and farmers to sell their goods, which vary from chicken eggs, milk products, and cattle to handcrafted apparel, crafts, and floral arrangements. So yes, if you wish to have some fresh goods, then this is the place for you to visit.

Things to do- The market is big enough to offer a variety of goods to the customers. Tourists can buy souvenirs for their loved ones and try their baked items as they are quite popular. Not that you get many things to do in New Bern Farmers Market but the place has few good things on the display.

Did you know- The present New Bern Farmers Market opened in June of 1984 and is the area’s only year-round market of farmers.

8. Cow Cafe

Cow Cafe
Cow Cafe

Location- 319 Middle St, New Bern, NC 28560

The farm-style eating room is surrounded by paintings of agricultural scenes and has a barn play area replete with rocking cows, agricultural implements, and vehicles, and is located deep in the cow country of New Bern, North Carolina. Cow Café is a welcoming neighborhood café with a cow motif that provides a range of light fare including exquisite sandwich baskets, fresh homemade salads, nutritious sandwiches, and a choice of sweet snacks and treats.

Things to do- The place offers ice-creams in around 40 different flavors made at home so this definitely asks for your attention. Try their ice-creams as tasting their ice-creams is amongst the most delicious things to do in New Bern and also they have a Bovine Boutique where you can go and get some gifts.

Did you know- A “moo choo train” travels around the dining area at the front.

9. Neuse Pontoon Boat Tours

 Neuse Pontoon Boat Tours
Neuse Pontoon Boat Tours

Location- 101 Craven Street, New Bern

On the Neuse River, Cruise the Neuse Pontoon Boat Tours provides three days trip and a sunset cruise. A 24-foot pontoon boat leaves from the DoubleTree Hilton in downtown New Bern and sails along there for a picturesque 60 to 75-minute journey. In fact, one of the best things to do in New Bern is to have a Neuse Pontoon Boat tour.

Things to do- Guests can bring beverages and refreshments to enjoy on the cruise, which passes by stunning historical residences and gorgeous riverbank scenery.

Did you know- Expert guides provide tours, sharing their enthusiasm for the river and the city, as well as the background and important information about the area.


New Bern, being one of the oldest cities in North Carolina, is quite known for its culture and rich heritage, and lots of historical buildings. But not just this, with so many restaurants and greenery, you get so many things to do in New Bern and explore new things that it will give you an amazing experience here.

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