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9 Fun Things to do in Rochester

Rochester, a city on Lake Ontario, is situated in New York. Coming a long way, this city was once one of the biggest suppliers of flour, is now a city with big buildings, offices, and much more. Even if you are there with your kids, you have many things to do in Rochester. With so many festivals, parks spread in 12000 acres of land, you surely have a lot of things to enjoy there.

Genesee’s River’s high falls have a bunch of old structures. Strong National Museum of Play has a tremendous assortment of toys and dolls. George Eastman Museum has displays of photography, gardens, and film chronicles. Now, you surely know about the places that you must visit when in Rochester.

Coming across so many places, here are the top things to do in Rochester, that you will surely enjoy.

1. The Strong National Museum of Play

The strong national museum of play

Having a space of 150000 square feet, that is completely kept for toys, board games, books, video games, dolls, and much more, is an entertaining source for children. With so many things kept for them, you surely have a lot of things to do in Rochester Strong play Museum. Displays and shows are devoted to a wide scope of recognizable figures, countenances, and items. Among them are features committed to the Berenstain Bears, Sesame Street, Monopoly, and the Wizard of Oz, in addition to other things.

Must do- Additionally, it brags the indoor nursery of butterflies and the International Center for the History of Electronic Games, that has more than 30,000 control center and games in its assortment. That section in the Museum is a must-go section.

Did you know- The Strong National Museum of Play has the recording of play history and what it has meant for human learning and improvement throughout the long term. For the same, it also has a research facility and a library.

2. George Eastman Museum

George Eastman Museum

Located in Colonial Revival Mansion, the Museum was completed in 1905 and given to the University after his death. Later, the college gave the chateau and encompassing property to the exhibition hall devoted to the memory of George Eastman and his work. Further, It fills in as a grandstand for the life and seasons of the man just as the historical backdrop of photography. Having so much to display, this museum is among the best things to do in Rochester.

Must do- When you are in George Eastman Museum, you can have an amazing time visiting the garden, especially during the springs. Also, you must attend the film screening at the Dryden Theatre, apart from watching the exhibits.

Did you know- Being the oldest museum for exhibiting photography on the planet and one of the most established film files, the exhibition hall has a collection of Alexander Gardner’s Civil War photos.

3. Memorial Art Gallery

Memorial Art gallery

The Memorial Art gallery is a brilliant idea devoted to local area backing and upgrade. Spread on an area of 14-acre land, it has impermanent presentations, talks, visits, and even shows for the Rochester people group. The goal of it is to improve the local area by offering where guests can construct connections focusing on craftsmanship and the innovativeness that goes into the making of fine art. One of the best things to do in Rochester is visiting the Memorial Art gallery.

Must do- A sculptor Park in the Museum campus looks beautiful. Also, there is a “metropolitan social affair space” near the Arts that invites you to have a free round and utilize your creative mind to communicate with the components.

Did you know- Established in 1913, the Art gallery has an amazing collection of around 12000 unique articles from contemporary developments as far as possible up to twenty-first-century fine art from around the globe to display.

4. Seneca Park Zoo

Seneca Park zoo

Located in Rochester, Seneca park is one of the most enjoyable things to do in Rochester. In an area of 20 acres, this zoo has over 90 species of birds, fishes, reptiles, mammals, and others. Contacting numerous networks in the Western New York area, Seneca Park Zoo aims to instruct the general population concerning creature and asset preservation, ecological mindfulness, and reuse programs.

Must do- As you go to the zoo, do not forget to go towards the coastal area as you will find some of the most amazing species there like Polar bears, Sea lions, and many more.

Did you know- In 1893, when the zoo was inaugurated, the sum total of what it had was an aviary with a couple of birds and a few types of deer.

5. Seabreeze Amusement park

Seabreeze Amusement park

One of the oldest amusement parks is Seabreeze. With more than 70 attractions, it is a good place to visit for both kids as well as adults. Having so many amazing rides like a whirlwind, log Flume, Bear trax, this park is simply one of the most fun things to do in Rochester. For those who want to get into the water has a pool and a Hydro racer.

Must do- For those who does not like rides, must go to Lake Ontario for some fresh air. Also, you can enjoy an acrobatics show called Cirque En Vol.

Did you know- The park was inaugurated in 1879 in summer and is said to be one of the oldest amusement parks of New York.

6. Rochester Museum and science center

Rochester Museum and science center

The Science center can be really fun if you are going with kids. Having so many things on the display, you get to learn new things and in fact, participate in activities as well. With the help of around 200 interactive sessions, they try to educate people more about science. Exploring your creative side, you can also do fun activities like climbing a wall, use lasers, shoot a catapult, and much more.

Must do- Some of the fun things to do in Rochester Science center and museum are to go on a virtual outing on a test system, watch electrical discharges, converse with a frog master.

Did you know- For engaging audiences, there are in total 1.2 million articles on display.

7. Susan B. Anthony Museum and House

Susan B. Anthony Museum and house

An important part of Anthony’s past, the museum is situated in midtown Rochester. The spots are committed to the late social liberties pioneer merit a visit to find out with regards to how her activities prepared for the rights many appreciate today. The house brags an assortment of research materials, antiques, and memorabilia from Susan’s life that is identified with her battles and inheritance. To experience her life, this is among the things to do in Rochester.

Must do- To experience the beautiful flora, visiting Anthony Square park is among the most amazing things to do in Rochester. Another thing you can find there is a sculpture, “Let’s have tea” by Pepsy Kettavong.

Did you know- The gallery building is the place where Anthony went through the vast majority of her years and it’s additionally where she was captured in 1872 in the wake of driving a few ladies to cast a ballot wrongfully.

8. Highland park

Highland park

With beautiful gorges and little slopes set more than 150 sections of land, it’s an extraordinary spot to go touring and is loaded with attractions both on and close to its grounds. One of Rochester’s most renowned spots to visit, it is one of the most exciting things to do in Rochester due to some extent to its lovely arranging, abounding verdure.

Must do- Top attractions that nobody would want to miss in Highland park are its library, Heller Nature Center, Lakeshore preserve, Highland Historical museum.

Did you know- The one and only dazzling Highland park were planned by Frederick Law Olmstead. Furthermore, it consists of 1200 lilac bushes as a feature of its widely acclaimed arboretum.

9. Ontario Beach park

Ontario beach park

A 39-acre land, Ontario beach park is situated along the Northwest side of Lake Ontario in New York. Open throughout the year, it is one of the top vacation destinations in the city because of its regular seashores, lavish park plant life, and alternatives for various exercises. The recreation center offers swimming, fishing, and sailing, in addition to sunbathing throughout the mid-year.

Must do- If you are planning to visit Ontario beach park, you can lease a shelter for a day, and do fishing if you have a license. Walk down the trail for enjoying the surrounding. One can find several things to do in Rochester Ontario city park.

Did you know- In 1930, this Ontario beach park was converted to a city park. Also, it has a pavilion, bathhouse that you get so many things to do in Rochester city park.

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Rochester is one of the most beautiful cities to visit and enjoy your vacation. Having so many museums, parks, art galleries, and much more, you get so many amazing things to do in Rochester. Mostly known for its music culture, there is so much in the city to explore and experience.

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