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Best Things to do in Great Yarmouth (2021)

Located in England, Great Yarmouth is known for its long beaches and other landscapes and museums. It is situated between the North Sea and River Yare. The beauty and environment of Great Yarmouth attract tourists from all across the globe, the tourism sector of Yarmouth accounts for 37% of the total jobs available and acts as a great contributing factor in their economy.

The major attractions of Great Yarmouth include sea beaches, museums, amusement parks for children, and many more. The beautiful coastline and wealthy towns of Yarmouth made Charles Dickens call this place ‘finest place in the universe in his book David Copperfield. Things to do in Great Yarmouth are as follows:

Time and Tide Museum

time and tide museum
Time and Tide Museum

Location – Blackfriars’ Rd, Great Yarmouth NR30 3BX, United Kingdom

Time in Tide Museum is the third largest museum in Norfolk. 

Awards – This Museum has won numerous awards which include the Objective 2 Celebrate, Eastern Daily Press Design and Development, and various others.

It is visited by more than 30,000 people every year, this place has the finest preservation of Victorian herring curing works. Time and Tide Museum has all the details about the history of Great Yarmouth, from the Ice age to the present day, it covers it all. 

The best thing to do over here– The major crowd-pleaser elements of this Museum include typical 1913 ‘Row’ and the Smokehouse. 

The Time and Tide Museum hence acts as a tourist magnet and is a major tourist destination in Great Yarmouth. Visiting this place is one of the best things to do in Great Yarmouth for history and art enthusiasts.

The Pleasure Beach 

the pleasure beach

LocationS Beach Parade, Great Yarmouth NR30 3EH, United Kingdom

Theme– Opened in 1909, Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach is a fusion of modern and traditional attractions.

The pleasure beach is especially loved by kids because of the fun rides, ice cream parlors, and sweet shops present inside. 

The best thing to do over here- The major attractions of the pleasure beach includes the splashing water ride Log Flume, this swing ride YoYo, the shaky Fun factory, the spinning roller coaster ride of family Star, the scary Haunted Hotel, Gallopers Carousel with 30 horses and 2 chariots, the pirate ship, and many others. 

Facilities for disabled- The Pleasure beach has a separate toilet for disabled people. There are facilities available for people who are visually and hearing impaired. 

The Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach is counted among the top ten amusement parks in the United Kingdom and it was visited by more than 1 million people in the year 2018 because of its innovative rides and happy environment. Visiting this place is one of the best things to do in Great Yarmouth with children and family.

Sea Life Great Yarmouth

sea life great yarmouth

LocationMarine Parade, Great Yarmouth NR30 3AH, United Kingdom

Sea Life of Great Yarmouth is the perfect place to explore the underwater Sea world

Species present- The aquarium of sea life is home to multiple fishes and sea animals. Some of them include Sharks, Humboldt Penguins, African dwarf crocodiles, Coral reef, Turtle, Ray, Seahorse, Jellyfish, Rockpool creatures and many others. 

Sea Life covers more than 9 acres and is therefore divided into different zones for the convenience of the visitors.

Zones / Divisions – The zones of Sea Life are Rockpool explorer, under the Ray- dar, Crocodile, Enclosure jelly Invaders, Tropical Ocean display, Ocean tunnels, pirate rock, Breed- Rescue- Protect zone and many more.

Aim- Sea Life Great Yarmouth has its own Trust, The Sea Life Trust which aims at global conservation and providing better habitat to water animals.

 Sea Life hence teaches its visitor a lot about marine life as well as the underwater fishes and animals. Therefore in order to know the underwater life better then visiting this place is one of the best things to do in Great Yarmouth.

Merrivale Model Village

merrivale model village things to do in yarmouth

Location- Marine Parade, Great Yarmouth NR30 3JG, United Kingdom

As the name suggests, Merrivale Model Village is a model of a village with all the features generally present in a village. Merrivale Model village has beautiful streams, water bodies, and many more. 

The best thing to do over here- The major attractions of this model village includes homemade cakes, sensory garden, the royal exhibition, the Merrivale giant wheel, animated scene zone, the town square of Merrivale, beside the seaside area, the gift shop of Merrivale Halloween in Merrivale, the fantasy land, and others. 

Nearby Cafes-  The cafes near this place include Silver Darling, Sara’s Tearoom, Fish and Grill, and others.

Did you know-  Merrivale Model village has its own Merrivale Theatre.

Merrivale is a calm place that attracts tourists because it is far far away from the hustle and bustle of the town. Merrivale model village is thus loved and visited by thousands of tourists every year because of its unique theme. Visiting The Merrivale Model village is one of the most exciting things to do in Great Yarmouth.

National Trust Elizabethan House Museum

National Trust Elizabethan House Museum

Location- 4 S Quay, Great Yarmouth NR30 2QH, United Kingdom

Best thing to do over here- Elizabethan House Museum is an old place which takes its visitors back into the past and surrounds them with antique furniture, art and other riches which are five centuries old. 

This place carries a lot of historical relevance and is also known to have a good connection with Oliver Cromwell.

Aim- This Museum aims at educating its visitors but in a fun way, it brings an element of entertainment by including activities such as interaction with costumed characters, role-playing, and many more.

Nearby Cafes-  The cafes near this museum includes The Courtyard, Ellese Bakes, Savoy Tandoori and others.

Did you know-  The Elizabethan House Museum also has a wedding hall where various weddings take place every year. 

 The Museum hall also has activity packed room design, especially for kids. The Museum is managed by the Norfolk Museum service and is visiting this place is one of the best things to do in Great Yarmouth for people who wish to relieve the Victorian times or have keen interest in history and things related to it.

Gorleston- on- Sea Beach

Gorleston- on- Sea Beach

Location- NR31 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, East England, United Kingdom

Gorleston- on- sea beach is a perfect place for people who love visiting sea beaches. This beach is perfect for a family visit.

Best thing to do over here- It has provision for floating boats in yachting ponds, paddling pools and wide esplanades. Gorleston beach is a suitable destination for picnic too, the Saxon shore fort at Burgh castle provides an enormous place for such picnics.

For kids- This beach also has a corner for kids which includes splash pads

Cafes nearby- The beach is surrounded by numerous cafes and restaurants such as The Shed, Pub on the Pier, Fish and chips, Margo’s lounge, SW1 restaurant and many more. 

Gorleston on sea beach is another popular tourist destination and visiting this place is one of the must things to do in Great Yarmouth.

Jurassic Journey

jurrasic journey

Location- Tower complex, Marine Parade, Great Yarmouth NR30 2EW, United Kingdom

If the history of dinosaurs has always grabbed your attention, if Jurassic Park is your favorite all-time movie,  then this is definitely the place for you. 

The best thing to do over here- The Jurassic journey has a lot of things related to dinosaurs, the major attractions include raw, fossils, Dino- exhibits, a timeline of the lives of T -rex, Stegosaurus, interactive exhibits, animatronic dinosaurs, and many more. 

Activities available- There are various activities available in this park such as a scavenger hunt, digging for fossils and others. 

Nearby Cafe- This park is surrounded by restaurants and cafes like Silver darlings, Fish and Grills, Savoy tandoori, Cafe Ocean, V- Namese and others. 

Visiting the Jurassic Journey is one of the most exciting things to do in Great Yarmouth

Guided Great Yarmouth Historical Walks

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Location- Maritime House, 25 Marine Parade, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, NR30 2EN, England

The guided historical walks of Great Yarmouth include elements of learning as well as entertainment. 

Aim- This place helps its visitors in reliving the history and the lives of the people of Great Yarmouth.

Theme- The Historical walks gives an opportunity to its visitors to choose from the themes of the seafront, graveyard, and medieval town wall walk, plus the trawler trail, Rows, fish wives, and body snatchers, the South Quay, Saint George, and many more. 

Must-see thing- This place has fascinating historical monuments and buildings. 

Each of the different themes of the walks has a new experience and are also considered to be very informative; one must visit the Guided Great Yarmouth Historical Walks in order to experience the history of Yarmouth.

Nelson Museum

Location- 26 South Quay, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk,NR30 2RG, England

Located in Great Yarmouth, the Nelson Museum is actually a grade II listed Georgian merchant’s house. 

Theme- This Museum is based on the life of the Great Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson and was thus built to honor him.

Attraction- This Museum has all the things related to the life of Lord Nelson from his birth to his career, remarkable battles, wounds, diseases, personal life, and of course his heroic death.

The best thing to do over here- The provisions include ship games, picnic areas, Herb gardens, and much more.

 The Nelson Museum is a popular tourist destination due to its links with the life of Lord Nelson

Pirate Cove Golf

Pirate Cove Golf

Location- Marine Parade, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, NR30 2ER, England

The Pirate Cove Golf is one of the best things to do in great yarmouth with kids. It is built especially for the people who love pirates and the stories related to them, along with that they are also a big fan of golf. 

Theme- This place is a pirate-themed Golf enclosure that is surrounded by impressive features such as caves, footbridges, waterfalls, captivating landscape, and many more. 

The pirate cove Golf was opened in the year 1995 and since then it has been visited by thousands of tourists as well as native people.

Did you know- The Pirate Cove Golf has an 18 holes course where people of all age groups can participate.

This place is loved by people of all age groups and visiting this place is counted among the best things to do in Great Yarmouth .

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Great Yarmouth is also home to other tourist places such as Joyland, pier beach, Hippodrome, Castaway Island, and others. The tourism sector of Great Yarmouth was badly affected due to the pandemic but is revived again by the government and other sectors. Therefore these are the things to do in Great Yarmouth.

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