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Top 9 Fun Things to do in Joplin

Joplin is a city in Missouri’s south-western corner, in the counties of Jasper and Newton. The city’s northern half is in Jasper County, while its southern half is in Newton County. In both Jasper and Newton Counties, Joplin is the largest city, thus there you get many things to do in Joplin. There are many beautiful locations to explore in this southwestern Missouri city, including parks, farms, gardens, and even waterfalls.

However, it does have an urban flavor that you will enjoy, with malls, art centers, and fashionable restaurants. To be honest, this is a city that wonderfully blends nature and modern living. This city was founded in 1840 by Tennesseean John Cox, who called it after his friend, Methodist missionary Reverend Harris Joplin, who was also an early immigrant. The mining of lead and zinc ores in the region in the 1800s brought wealth to the area, and Joplin and Murphysburg amalgamated in 1873. So, it has a whole history associated with it.

Here, we provide you with some of the best things to do in Joplin.

Things to do in Joplin

1. Grand Falls

Grand Falls
Grand Falls

Location- 5685 Riverside Dr, Joplin

Falling over 163 feet down a chert rock ledge, the Grand Falls is one of the most picturesque waterfalls. One of the beautiful symbols of Joplin County, the view offered by Joplin is one of the best things to do in Joplin. The fall is remarkable since there is water in the stream throughout the year, ensuring that the waterfall is always active.

Things to do- If you want uninterrupted views of the waterfalls, arrive as early as possible in the morning and have a peaceful time, or enjoy swimming and fishing. Also, there is a dam that you can see as it is just above the waterfalls.

Did you know- The water of Shoal Creek cascades 12 feet into a huge pool at Grand Falls, making it Missouri’s largest continually running waterfall.

2.  Wildcat Glades Conservation and Audubon Center

  Wildcat Glades Conservation and Audubon Center
 Wildcat Glades Conservation and Audubon Center

Location- 201 W Riviera Drive, Suite A, Joplin

For those who enjoy nature, the visit to this place must be added to the list of top things to do in Joplin. The Wildcat Glades Conservation is situated in Joplin, a tiny town in Missouri’s southwest region. Being one of the two Audubon centers, the place in Wildcat Park is maintained and protected by the National Audubon Society. The breathtaking panorama in the blossoming meadows will appeal to nature lovers who appreciate being surrounded by plants and creatures.

Things to do- Walk down the trail to enjoy the natural beauty the place has to offer. Mesmerize your eyes as you see the river, waterfall, forest, and wildflowers on the way.

Did you know- Nearly half of the world’s sole 60 acres of Chert Glades, a wetlands ecosystem found exclusively in southwestern Missouri, are found at the site.

3. Joplin History & Mineral Museum

 Joplin History & Mineral Museum
Joplin History & Mineral Museum

Location- 504 S Schifferdecker Avenue, Joplin

Emphasizing Joplin’s history, southwestern Missouri’s legacy, and the region’s lead and zinc mining history, the Museum has two wings to it. The Dorothea B. Hoover Historical Museum, for example, focuses on Joplin’s development and growth of mining in the Tri-State District. The Everett J. Ritchie Tri-State Mineral Library, on the other hand, houses one of the world’s finest holdings of lead and zinc ores, and many other minerals discovered in the Tri-State Region.

Things to do- One of the finest things to do in Joplin History & Mineral Museum is to see its intriguing exhibitions, such as the Bonnie and Clyde show. You can also witness a range of minerals and rocks from the town’s mining heritage.

Did you know- The Everett J. Ritchie Tri-State Mineral Museum brings you into a model of an ancient mine shaft to discover about Joplin’s mining legacy.

4. Rangeline Antique Mall

 Rangeline Antique Mall
Rangeline Antique Mall

Location- 3421 N Rangeline Road, Joplin

Rangeline Antique Mall is a well-known home furnishings shopping complex with numerous items to choose from. When it comes to downtown attractions, this massive complex with hundreds of antique objects, ranging from elegant trinkets to gorgeous furniture, is a one-of-a-kind pick. Antique item lovers have this place on their list of things to do in Joplin.

Things to do- Antiquities, Mid-Century, Memorabilia, Primitives, Retro, Currencies, Signage, Cow Hides, Chandeliers, and Light Fittings are all available in the mall that you must check.

Did you know- The place has hundreds of items that include all kinds of currencies, antiques, and furniture as well and is said to be one of the most popular spots.

5. George Washington Carver National Monument

 George Washington Carver National Monument
George Washington Carver National Monument

Location- 5646 Carver Road, Diamond

The George Washington Carver National Monument, located in Newton County, Missouri, was created in 1943. The park is near the 210-acre farm where George Washington Carver was grown and became a world-renowned scientist. The historic Carver House, the cemetery where members of the Carver family are buried, and 140 acres of painstakingly restored tallgrass prairie are all part of the park.

Things to do- Walking the 34-mile Carver Trail, which also has a boy Carver monument and several plaques with George Washington Carver’s inspirational words are simply the best things to do in Joplin.

Did you know- It was the first monument built designated to a non-president and the first in honor of an African American named George Washington Carver.

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6. Sandstone Gardens

Sandstone Gardens
Sandstone Gardens

Location- 2826 Douglas Fir Rd, Joplin

This one-of-a-kind location, set on a 68-acre turn-of-the-century mansion, has been transformed into a 50,000-square-foot major Midwest home and garden showcase. Sandstone Gardens is more than just a garden center and is a well-known gift and furnishings store that is designed to resemble an estate home. And the place just looks so beautiful that you would definitely want to add to your list of things to do in Joplin.

Things to do- Everything is nicely presented in the garden’s chambers, so you can find just about everything for decorating your house or outside environment. Cast stone décor, eccentric furnishings for every style, interior, and exterior accent lighting, wall murals and decorations, florals, fabrics, tableware, fragrances, and much more are all available for you to have a look at.

Did you know- This home, which used to be a paradise for furniture seekers, was unfortunately burnt to the ground, but its setting remains stunning.

7. Red Onion Cafe

Red Onion Cafe
Red Onion Cafe

Location- 203 E 4th St, Joplin

The simple design with architectural elements and comfy banquettes offer a wonderful setting for family meals as well as corporate brunches as the place is housed in a tastefully refurbished 100-year-old building. At night, one of the most popular things to do in Joplin is to relax and enjoy wonderful American barbecue meals. Without any doubt, this is the best place for enjoying a traditional mid-western menu.

Things to do- Try their smoked chicken dip, Coconut Fried Chicken, David’s Fried Chicken Salad, and Craft Burgers as they are simply the best.

Did you know- The Red Onion Cafe is a well-known local eatery that first debuted in 1995 in Historic Downtown.

8. Candy House Gourmet

 Candy House Gourmet
Candy House Gourmet

Location- 1027 S Main St, Joplin

Candy House Gourmet, a renowned local confectionery shop in downtown Joplin famed for its chocolate, is housed in the magnificent historic Gryphon Building on Main Street. The ambiance is nice, and you may spend hours trying delicious ice creams. In total, there are 32 varieties to choose from, and they vary frequently. If you have time, you must definitely visit the place as eating their amazing ice-creams are simply the sweetest things to do in Joplin.

Things to do- Have the chocolate-covered strawberries or the caramel apples if they’re available. Also, from the windows, you can even see the employees prepare the treats.

Did you know- Chocolate truffles, sea salt caramels, fudge, toffee, and more delightful treats may be found here.

9. Spiva Center for the Arts

Spiva Center for the Arts
Spiva Center for the Arts

Location- 222 W 3rd Street, Joplin

One of the best things to do in Joplin is to visit the Spiva Art Gallery for some amazing artwork. Spiva began its existence at the Zelleken House at 4th and Sergeant, then relocated to the Missouri Southern State University premises until settling in the historic Cosgrove Building at 3rd and Wall in downtown Joplin. The arts center rotates exhibitions and curates different additions on a routine basis, so there’s always something unique to explore.

Things to do- Attend the classes provided at this art facility to become even more engaged. Some sessions are aimed toward children, while others are targeted toward adults, so there is truly something for everyone here.

Did you know- Since1947, the George A. Spiva Center for the Arts, formerly known as the Ozark Artists Guild, has provided fine arts programs to the four-state region.


Joplin is a place for real fun, and learning, and recreational activities. From some amazing restaurants to museums to art galleries, you have a lot of things to do in Joplin. Plus, you do not need a lot of time to cover the place.

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